Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Last Of Us Firefly Collectible Fan Art Contest

PSN ID: chomendlywarner
NAME: Melinda Davidson 
Here is my entry for The Last of Us Firefly Collectible Fan Art Contest. Decided to do a characterized take in a movie poster format. There are 2 different file formats. The first 2 are a jpg and png. The last two are different logo/title treatments. The Last of Us is Copyright of Naughty Dog and Playstation. Any duplication/reproduction of these images is strictly prohibited and must have written consent of the creator (Melinda Davidson).


Seth Best said...
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Seth Best said...

I would absolutely love a poster of this. You sir, are talented. If you're up for selling posters or even t-shirts with this type of TLOU art, e-mail me at


melsartstuff said...

Thank you Seth. However, I am no sir, I am a ma'am. I have other TLOU art that I may post later, as well as some Uncharted art.

Terry Collin said...

Love little Ellie in the corner! She's so cute! :) Are you on deviantart?

Ps: If you want to add me on psn, my name is: cobra-venom27. Just send me a message :)

Can't wait to see more last of us! :)