Friday, August 14, 2009

Makeup #3 Projects

Thundercat: no particular character, just a rendition of a Thundercat. Designed, styled hair, applied prosthetic nose and ears, painted, and added spotted detail.
Vampire: After watching many episodes of Moonlight, a show that should not have been cancelled, I decided to create a Vampire. Designed, styled hair, applied prosthetic ears, painted, created teeth, provided costume. Model provided jewelry from Lia Sophia.
Hobbit: She looks a bit like Pippin. Designed, styled hair, applied prosthtic ears, painted, provided costume and LOTR leaf brooch and Ring.
Makeup 3 class was alot of fun. I learned alot and my sister Melissa Milius was kind enough to be my victim.

Makeup #3 Process and Prosthetics

The process of making the ear molds was fairly difficult, I had to create a complex mold. I sculpted with some oil based clay and wooden tools, then I created the negative mold. The prosthetic itself was made out of gelatin and powdered with neutral base. The ears were then applied with spirit gum.
The prosthetic nose was sculpted with oil based clay, then a negative mold was cast. Then I made the prosthetic with gelatin. It was applied to the model's face with spirit gum and the edges were blended to the face with Witch Hazel.
The teeth were cast just like they do at the doctors office. I then sculpted the teeth with oil based clay, then used teeth resin to created these chompers. I used a motorized shaping tool to smooth the edges. I then painted them with acrylics and clear coated them with finger nail polish.

Makeup #2

Projects from Makeup 2 Class.
We made casts of our faces and then had to create a creature. I sculpted a demon. The prosthetic itself didn't turn out that great because of bad instructions from (someone that shall remain nameless) on how to properly prep the molds for the foam latex.

Makeup #1

Venetian Mask
Kabuki Mask These are some Makeup projects from my first Makeup Class. More info to come...

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

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