Monday, May 18, 2009

Comic Book Cover: The Discipliner

This was a freelance job I did for a film group participating in the 48 Hour Film Project. It was done fairly quickly so there are some things on it that I would go back and change, but for now, here it is. I am still not sure if they used the cover. It is suppose to be a spoof on The Punisher. Instead he is The Discipliner. The film was made by Cameron Daley and John Maxim.


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Greg said...

Hi Mel, I just love your designs and drawing style. Also, killer costumes on your other blog! Making Halloween costumes is one thing I've sorely missed during the last four years at art school. Speaking of which, being from BYU, do you happen to know Audrey Bagley?

And if you and your DMC-12 are ever in the San Francisco area, I will gladly take you up on your time-traveling offer. Thanks for stopping by my blog.